Who am I?

sylvia_photoI began working when I was 12 years old. My first summer job, as a day-camp counselor paid $5/week for the first three weeks and then, because of the great job I was doing, they raised my salary to $10/week. I spent the entire summer’s earnings on a beautiful bathrobe for my mother.

I’ve never really stopped working since then. Putting myself through college I did everything from waitressing in a rather sleazy bar to typing dictated notes for physicians. After graduating I started full-time work as a Social Worker; that experience sent me back to school where I became a teacher. I’ve taught everything from grade 3 to graduate school, at several schools boards and a number of Faculties of Education. As a single Mom raising three children I often held multiple jobs to make ends meet. My last 13 years of employment were as an Education Officer with the Ontario Ministry of Education where I had responsibility for everything from coordinating the writing of entirely new high school curriculum to developing policies for Gifted Education and ESL.

I’ve always looked beyond the experience to the meaning. In October 2008 I retired from the Ministry and since then I’ve been exploring – and living and blogging about this new territory called “retirement”.

I’ve published numerous articles  including Necessary and Sufficient Conditions: The lives of eminent Canadian women (1989, in Ellis, J. & Willinsky, J. (Eds.): Girls, Women and Giftedness. New York: Trillium Press. I’ve also presented workshops related to women’s lives both in Canada and abroad.

I am the daughter of holocaust survivors, sister of three talented women, the mother of three very interesting children, and Baubie to four beautiful grandchildren.

I live in Toronto, Canada.

You can contact me at: drsylviasolomon@gmail.com