The First Month Of My New Life

When trying to rewind my first month of a new life with a single status, I can see clearly from this point now some distinctive phases and mood swings that I passed through. While the mere legal procedure of divorce is still ongoing, the only thing you wish is for it to end finally. To get rid of legislative and administrative procedure, filing papers and completing documents and to finally make it official. Once it’s over, the only two things you will feel are a relief and a true wish to sleep and get some rest.

Once all the drama calms down, and you wake up in your new life, there will be few days of confusion, you’ll be lost in time and space trying to process that everything is suddenly new and different and you won’t be sure about the things you should do now. To make it clear and honest, don’t fool yourself: however honestly you had wished for that divorce, some periods of certain sadness and depression are inevitable. Once you manage to overcome these and to set some new directions of your everyday routine, the enthusiasm will start to emerge. Slowly and gradually, you will taste the smell of freedom and the rush of pure vivid energy, even if you are my age. During one of these bursts of joy and lust for life, I’ve found my new job and made some baby steps towards my new social life.

Meanwhile, my family law attorney warned me about a list of additional legal issues I had to take care of even after the divorce was over. All the documents, such as driving license, credits, loans that were left on my name required name and address change. One of the most important tasks was to divide all the property, debts and other mutual things I had with my ex immediately according to the divorce agreement. I have opened new bank accounts in my name and deleted my name from some ex-husband’s loans that I had nothing to do with anymore. Health insurance required some legislative procedures too, and we had a mutual agreement about duties regarding our children.