The Scent Of A Post-Divorce Life

When I first came up with the idea of divorce and started thinking about it honestly with myself, I admit that my instant reaction was to look for ways to save our marriage. At first, the mere idea of some completely new life, after such a long period with someone focused on joint life and achievements, seemed quite abstract and distant. Something not real. Things changed, and I started accepting, even getting truly attracted by the idea of this new life, but the real touch of it came after I’ve moved out of our house.

There was something like a blank sheet in front of me, and I had to fulfill it with completely new aspects of life. Some things are inevitable and necessary, like getting a new job, moving into a new apartment, handling some additional legislative and administrative issues, making first contacts with new friends and neighbors, even doing thorough shopping on my own after almost three decades. I spent some time studying legal aspects of divorce to check my family and financial rights and to claim them on time. To be fully honest, it took me quite some time to set some basic aspects of my new life and turn it into a functional routine. You wouldn’t imagine how many small traits of everyday life in marriage we take for granted over the years, you don’t even think of them until you lose them, but need them.

Once the routine was settled, I made my first attempts of a new social life. I’ve signed into a local club of readers, occasionally take a long walk with my dog into a local park, attend dancing nights organized two time a month in a club nearby, stay in regular contact with my children and decided to improve my computer knowledge, as my new job required. Everything still seems so fresh and new and exciting, though nights tend to get lonely sometimes. I am not seeing anyone new currently, neither I’m forcing the idea, but I certainly plan to stay open emotionally and use the rest of my life in that aspect as well.